Three boys in a community on the banks of the Rio Shiripuno in Ecuador. This is a tribitary of the Rio Napo, which drains into the great Amazon. 1999.





A quechua woman in the pueblo of Tupiza in the south of the country. The indigeneous peoples of Bolivia make up the overwhelming majority, making Bolivia the Sth American country with the highest proportion of indigeneous people.


Semana Santa


“Cucuruchu” bearing his cross made from cactus. The Andean variation on the cross is a curious mix of the crown of thorns and the classic wooden cross. The main idea of sharing the pain of Christ is central, however. Quito 1999



Lake Titicaca


A young girl carrying a baby on her back in an “awayo”. Isla Taquile on Lake Titicaca, which is the world’s highest navigable lake bordering Bolivia and Peru. 2003.

Tear Sheets – Commercial



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