Semana Santa

Two “cucuruchus” awaiting in front of San Francisco Church, the wearing of the outfits and to partake in the procession is a huge honour and very prestigious for the family, usually reserved for the most devout or wealthy families. Quito 1999



“Cucuruchu” holding his cross in the procession, Quito 1999



“Cucuruchu” bearing his cross made from cactus. The Andean variation on the cross is a curious mix of the crown of thorns and the classic wooden cross. The main idea of sharing the pain of Christ is central, however. Quito 1999



An old lady arriving on the hill of Calvario, many older people make the exhausting climb up the hill, and some by foot from La Paz 180kms away over the mountains. Copacabana, Bolivia, 2003



The crosses at the cathedral of Copacabana. It is here that resides the Virgin of Copacabana, quite renowned for working miracles. All the pilgrims will stop here when they arrive to the town before climbing the hill of Calvario and also before they leave the town. Copacabana, Bolivia, 2003



The setting sun behind the crosses on the hill of the Calvario, the small light in the foreground are the last flames of candles left to burn in the solitude of the silent hill. Copacabana, Bolivia, 2003

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